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Spray Tanning


From the moment you enter this warm and inviting environment, your skin is infused with heat; which allows for maximum absorption, creating a deeper longer lasting tan. A sweeping side-to-side airbrush travels gently from head to toe applying precise amounts of your desired level of color, while a flow of warm air ensures that your skin remains dry and you remain comfortable. Customize your tan with aroma, enhancers or bronzer for a one of a kind experience.

HD Technology (Heater and Dryer)

  • Heat conditions the skin for maximum absorption creating deeper, longer lasting tans
  • Drying leaves skin soft and smooth immediately after the session and accelerates DHA development for optimum results

MagneTan Technology

  • Mystic's patented application process that uses the human body's own magnetic properties to attract mystic tan tanning myst to every exposed surface of the skin

Semi-Transparent Wall System

  • Creates an open air environment feeling without sacrificing privacy

Airbrush Technology

  • Patented spraying process with a sweeping side-to-side airbrush motion

Step by Step Voice Automation

  • Guides customers step-by-step through the entire tanning process


Our innovative UV-Free AutoBronzer Spray Tan is a revolutionary automated spray tan that delivers a pleasurable tanning experience and flawless, golden results in under a minute. AutoBronzer uses DHA, a self-tanning agent that works with your body's own skin proteins to deliver an even, natural glow that is sure to turn heads! NEW AND IMPROVED ONE-HOUR DRYING FORMULA!

Benefits Include:

  • Full body spray tan & auto dry in under a minute
  • Three tanning levels
  • Open-air design for comfortable stress-free environment
  • Easy-to-follow voice instructions
  • Deep, natural looking glow that lasts 5-7 days